In Pokemon, there are 6 stats that can be affected by characteristics: Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, HP, and Speed. Most Pokemon have an even distribution of these stats, but there are a select few that are incredibly unbalanced. This means that in some areas, they are the best, while in others, they fall … Continue reading Pheromosa


Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokemon, is a new Pokemon that was introduced in Sun and Moon. It can only be found by SOS calls from Corsola. It is a Water/Poison type with the regular abilities Merciless (which makes any attack land as a critical hit if the target is poisoned) and Limber (which prevents paralysis). … Continue reading Toxapex


Salazzle is 1 of 2 unique Pokemon. Salandit evolves into Salazzle at level 33. However, only the female ones will evolve. Male Salandit will never evolve. In addition, 7 out of every 8 Salandit are male, so getting a Salazzle is a little difficult. However, this is not the first Pokemon to have this distinction. Combee … Continue reading Salazzle