How to Hunt: Turtonator/Drampa

Turtonator, the Blast Turtle Pokemon, is a Fire/Dragon type introduced in Gen 7. It is a Sun exclusive, and it can be found on Blush Mountain between level 27 and 30. The ones that are level 27 or 28 will know Iron Defense, Flail, Endure, and Incinerate. The ones that are level 29 or 30 [...]


In Pokemon, there are 6 stats that can be affected by characteristics: Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, HP, and Speed. Most Pokemon have an even distribution of these stats, but there are a select few that are incredibly unbalanced. This means that in some areas, they are the best, while in others, they fall [...]

Nintendo Direct: June 6th, 2017

We got 3 pieces of news about Pokemon today. First, Pokken tournament is getting another installment on the Switch. Decidueye is a new fighter. Sun and Moon are getting sequels. They are called Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Solgaleo and Lunala get new forms. Gold and Silver are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console. It's [...]


Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokemon, is a new Pokemon that was introduced in Sun and Moon. It can only be found by SOS calls from Corsola. It is a Water/Poison type with the regular abilities Merciless (which makes any attack land as a critical hit if the target is poisoned) and Limber (which prevents paralysis). [...]

Masquerain vs Araquanid

Surskit, the Pond Skater Pokemon, was a Bug/Water type introduced in Generation 3. At the time, it was the only Bug/Water type, and up until Gen 7, that was still true. However, once it reached level 22, it could evolve into Masquerain, the Eyeball Pokemon. Masquerain is a Bug/Flying type, which had been repeated with [...]

Whimsicott vs Lilligant

In Pokemon Black and White, two new evolutionary families were introduced. In Black, you could get Cottonee, the Cotton Puff Pokemon, while in White, you could get Petilil, the Bulb Pokemon. Both of them are competitively used Pokemon. Whimsicott, which is Cottonee's evolution, gets Prankster as its regular ability and Infiltrator as its hidden ability, [...]

Persian or Alola Persian?

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Meowth and its evolution were given Alola variations: the most significant change was that they changed from Normal types to Dark types. In addition, Alola Persian gets it Technician ability replaced with Fur Coat and its Unnerve ability replaced with Rattled. I will be talking about which one is better [...]