Mega Evolution

Pokemon has around for several years and there is one thing that has started in the original Red, Green, and Blue that still baffles people: Evolution. Several questions pop up regarding evolution, like why do some Pokemon evolve with a stone or with friendship, but arguably, the biggest question is why do some Pokemon evolve [...]


As you know, most Pokemon evolve. They usually evolve when you get them to a certain level, or use a stone on them, or trade them, or trade them with them holding an item. Indeed, Pokemon evolve in many different ways. Today I'm talking about a specific way: Friendship. If Pokemon were real, I hope [...]

Forever Alone

Hey guys, it's not that I'm forever alone, but rather my Pokemon is. What am I talking about? Well, I'll tell you. Does playing Pokemon ever get...boring? Don't worry, happens to everyone. About anything. Things get stale. Like bread. Bread tastes good. But eventually, it doesn't taste good. It's not that it tastes any different, [...]

The Fairly OddPokemon?

In the beginning, there were 15 types. Water. Fire. Grass. Normal. Electric. Poison. Ghost. Psychic. Flying. Dragon. Ice. Ground. Rock. Bug. Fighting. Creatures called Pokemon used these types. They were these types. Some were just one only, others were combinations of two of them. They used moves that were only one type. They were super [...]


In my last post, I talked about something I got on my team called Pokerus. If you take that word apart, it is "Pokemon Virus". You probably think I'm crazy, right? Well, that would be normal. But it's like a shiny Pokemon. There aren't many people who know what a shiny is. But they're real. [...]

Best Unova Team (Confirmed)

Hello everyone. As you may or may not know, I created a post talking about the best Unova team for Pokemon Black Version and/or Pokemon White Version. I was rather reluctant to start over my Black version, but I figured that I needed a Tornadus to complete the New Unova Pokedex on my White Version [...]