Sun and Moon vs Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: What are the differences?

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out on Friday, and I think it's time that I explain the differences between them and Sun and Moon: Four new Pokemon. They are all Ultra Beasts. Stakataka is a Rock/Steel type, and is an exclusive to Ultra Moon. Blacephalon is a Fire/Ghost type, and is an exclusive to … Continue reading Sun and Moon vs Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: What are the differences?


As you know, most Pokemon evolve. They usually evolve when you get them to a certain level, or use a stone on them, or trade them, or trade them with them holding an item. Indeed, Pokemon evolve in many different ways. Today I'm talking about a specific way: Friendship. If Pokemon were real, I hope … Continue reading Friendship

Forever Alone

Hey guys, it's not that I'm forever alone, but rather my Pokemon is. What am I talking about? Well, I'll tell you. Does playing Pokemon ever get...boring? Don't worry, happens to everyone. About anything. Things get stale. Like bread. Bread tastes good. But eventually, it doesn't taste good. It's not that it tastes any different, … Continue reading Forever Alone


In my last post, I talked about something I got on my team called Pokerus. If you take that word apart, it is "Pokemon Virus". You probably think I'm crazy, right? Well, that would be normal. But it's like a shiny Pokemon. There aren't many people who know what a shiny is. But they're real. … Continue reading Pokerus