Pokemon Battle Revolution

Pokémon games are mostly for handheld devices, like the Gameboy and DS. But there are a few games that are for other gaming systems, like the Wii and Gamecube. One of these games is Pokémon Battle Revolution. It’s a game for the Wii and it has you transfer over Pokémon from your Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum to the game. You can then make a Battle Pass using only six of the Pokémon you bring over. When you go to a colosseum, you will be taken to the battle pass selection, where you will pick a pass. This pass will be used for seven battles or until you lose or give up. The colosseum battles are all different. There are 11 maps, but one of them can only be used online. This map is called Lagoon Colosseum, and takes place of an island. It’s just a normal stage, there’s nothing odd about it. In fact, most of the maps are normal. I think there’s one that has fog, lowing everybody’s accuracy. But yeah, besides that, every map is normal. The maps all take place in a different place, and they are all distinct in their own way. For example, one takes place in a cave while another one takes place in a courtyard. So yeah, they are all distinct. Anyway, to beat the game you must defeat all the colosseum leaders, which are just like gym leaders. But they’re also a little bit like frontier brains because of the things you have to do. Each colosseum has a different way of battling. For example, the neon colosseum has you spin a wheel to see which Pokémon you get. The Pokémon of the wheel are the opponent’s Pokémon and your Pokémon. You could end up with a great Pokémon or you could end up with a not-so-great Pokémon. Either way, you have to do different things for each colosseum. In the end, you will face Mysterial, the last trainer in the game. He’s not easy to defeat, but with my awesome Pokémon I was able to defeat him. But it was a close battle. I almost lost. Anyway, once you defeat him, the game is over and you can face any of the colosseums again if you wish. Or you can buy stuff with the points you get for battling. Each time you defeat a colosseum leader, you will get points to buy you accessories. Or you can go online and face many trainer all around the world. And online you can exchange friend passes with other people and you can use their passes against a friend on the same Wii. But this only works if you both agree. And you can also battle again. This is probably the best Pokémon game I’ve played on the Wii. I give this game a thumbs up!

Which Pokemon do you think would make up the best Pokemon team?

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