Pokemon Gray

Pokémon Black and White are the most recent Pokemon games to have come out. They are going to make a sequel to these games sometime soon. There’s not much information about it, but here’s what I’ve heard. It’s going to be called Pokémon Gray and have Kyurem as the mascot Pokémon. It’s coming out in March 2012. They might add a Battle Frontier to this game, which, if they are, I’m looking forward to. The Gym Leaders might move around, like they did in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. You might be able to have a rematch with the Gym Leaders.  Something some other people said is you might be able to walk around with your Pokémon like in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I doubt they will add walking with your Pokémon into the game. They should and probably will have a different storyline, bit of a new story, but not too different. This is all we know. I’ll try to add more to this whenever we get updated with the game. The game is not confirmed, but they will probably make it. If they didn’t I would be bummed out because I really liked and still like Pokémon Black and White. A sequel to these games would be awesome.

What do you think should be added in Pokemon Gray?

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