Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

Most Pokemon games have had 3 versions to a specific region. This time around, there are FOUR versions to the most recently discovered region: Unova. The first games were Black and White, featuring Reshiram (Black) and Zekrom (White). For the next two games, the mascot Pokemon (Reshiram and Zekrom) will have a new form each. They are called Black Kyurem (Zekrom) and White Kyurem (Reshiram). Both look like they are a mix between themselves and Kyurem, the Boundary Pokemon. The game will still take place in Unova, but a few things have changed. For one, most of the region is encased in ice (Like Sinnoh was in Platinum) two years after the time Black and White took place. And instead of starting in Nuvema Town, you’ll start in a new city in the southwest called Aspertia City. There are also many more places and people to discover and there are also old places and old friends to help you along the journey, although some of them have taken on new roles. I will post more info as it is released.

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