Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Yoshi

Yoshi, otherwise known as “Omnivore of the Year”, has been in the Super Smash Bros series since the original. Yoshi does not need Mario to break him out of an egg anymore. I will analyze his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Egg Lay. This move is unique because not only does it deal 7% damage to the opponent, it will completely immobilize them by trapping them in an egg. They are able to break out of the egg eventually, and the move only lands when an opponent is directly in front of Yoshi. You can hit them easily, since they are a non-moving target. However, the egg does give them a little defense, so Yoshi’s attacks will not deal as much damage as they normally deal until they break out of the egg.

His side special is Egg Roll (yes, I know that’s also a food item). This move will put Yoshi in an egg and allow him to roll into his opponents. The move has a base of 4% damage and increases according to Yoshi’s speed. After a few seconds, Yoshi will break out of his egg on his own, but it is possible to discontinue the move on your own. This move can also be started in the air, but it will not deal any damage until it has landed. If you start this move in the air, it cannot be cancelled until it lands. This means it should not be used if you are over the edge of the stage.

His up special is Egg Throw. This move does not give Yoshi much in the recovery department. However, Yoshi’s air jump just about makes up for that. His air jump gives him a lot of height, and he will not flinch at the start of his air jump. This move makes Yoshi throw an egg. The angle and power of the throw can be changed by using the control stick or holding the B button for varying amounts of time, respectively. The egg only deals 1% damage, but it will explode after a few seconds, which causes 5% damage.

His down special is Yoshi Bomb. This move is similar to Bowser Bomb, except for a few differences:

  • Yoshi Bomb does not deal as much damage as Bowser Bomb.
  • Yoshi Bomb produces stars when it hits the ground, which can damage the opponent. Bowser Bomb does not.
  • Yoshi Bomb deals varying amounts of damage depending on whether it lands on the ground or in the air. Bowser Bomb has no variation.
  • Yoshi Bomb is quicker.

Besides these differences, they are mainly the same.

Is Yoshi one of your go-to characters?

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