Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon, otherwise known as the Supersonic Slugger, is making his fourth appearance in the Smash series. He was one of the four unlockable characters in the original game. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is the infamous Falcon Punch. This move deals more damage on the ground, dealing about 25% damage as opposed to when it is dealt in the air, where it deals about 3% damage less. This move can be also be reversed if you hit the opposite direction he is facing. The reversed punch deals more damage, similar to how Ganondorf’s Warlock Punch works. It deals about 28% on the ground reversed and 3% damage less in the air reversed. This move is not as powerful as Ganondorf’s Warlock Punch, but it is faster.

His side special is Raptor Boost. This move uppercuts the opponents when used on the ground, dealing about 9% damage. In the air, it can meteor smash, but it deals 1% damage less.

His up special is the Falcon Dive. If it lands, he will deal about 5% damage, then make the opponent explode, dealing an additional 12% damage.

His down special is the Falcon Kick. This is similar to Ganondorf’s Wizard Kick, but it deals less damage. However, it travels farther and is executed faster.

Is Captain Falcon one of your favorite characters? Why or why not?

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