Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario, otherwise known as The Prescriber, is making another appearance in the Smash series. He made his debut in Melee, but was not available in Brawl. This makes him unique in the fact that he has been present in at least two non-consecutive Smash games (or rather, he was, since Mewtwo and Roy made their debut in Melee, were not present in Brawl, but came back in this game. He is still unique in the fact that he is the only non-DLC character to have done this). I am not entirely sure who Dr. Mario is, I do not know if he is Mario, or a clone of Mario, or Mario from another dimension. Whatever the case may be, he is similar to Mario. His moves are similar, but the main thing is that Dr. Mario is more powerful but less agile than Mario. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Megavitamins (Not quite sure how vitamins hurt, but whatever). This move is better than and worse than Mario’s Fireball in some aspects. This move has more bounce, range and cannot be absorbed. However, it cannot instantly set off a Blast Box.

His side special is Super Sheet. This move is similar to Mario’s side special: it can reflect projectiles and flip opponents around. However, Dr. Mario’s covers more distance vertically and less distance horizontally than Mario’s. Dr. Mario’s is good for opponents trying to attack from above while Mario’s is good for opponents trying to rush you.

His up special is the Super Jump Punch. This does not travel as high as Mario’s up special, but it deals more damage.

His down special is Dr. Tornado. This move deals repeated hits and can even use it as recovery.

Who do you like more: Mario or Dr. Mario?

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