Pokemon X and Y: Klefki

Fairy types can be forces to be reckoned with. They just about made Dragon Pokemon pathetic, and are good Pokemon to use against Dark types and Fighting types as well. But, as with every Pokemon, they have a weaknesses. Fairy types are weak to Steel moves and Poison moves. It would be nice to have a Fairy type Pokemon that resists those, wouldn’t it? Well, Klefki does just that (Mawile does too). Klefki, the Key Ring Pokemon, is a Steel/Fairy type. Since it is Steel, it resists Steel types and is immune to Poison types. However, since it is a Steel type, it is now weak to Ground moves and Fire moves. It would have been weak to Fighting type moves, but Fairy types resist Fighting type moves. Should you get a Klefki?

If you have a good Pokemon to use against Fire types, you should. In Kalos, there are no Ground type gym leaders or Elite Four. There is a Fire type user named Malva who is one of the Elite Four. If you chose Froakie, it might be a good idea to get a Klefki. If you have a Water, Rock or Ground type, then you should get one. If not, maybe try a different Fairy type Pokemon. Klefki’s only regular ability is Prankster, which can make it a good setup Pokemon. Don’t get one with its hidden ability. Magician is basically useless unless you plan on not giving your Klefki an item and you know that the opponent has an item and it is a useful item to you.

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