Pokemon X and Y: Noivern

For the first four generations, there was only one bat Pokemon: Zubat. In Generation 5, however, they decided it would be best to add a new bat. This bat was called Woobat, and it was a Psychic/Flying type instead of a Poison/Flying type. Generation 6 seems to have done the same thing that Generation 5 did, as they added a bat Pokemon known as Noibat. This bat, however, is a unique Pokemon. Before I explain why, let me say something.

The Flying type is an interesting type. Although it is the not the most common type paired with other types (that would be Water) or most common type by itself (that would be normal), it is the only other type besides Water to be paired with every other type. Don’t believe me? Let me give you the typings and an example (or the only example, in some cases) of all the typing combinations:


  • Normal: Bibarel
  • Fire: Volcanion
  • Fighting: Poliwrath
  • Flying: Swanna
  • Grass: Ludicolo
  • Poison: Tentacruel
  • Electric: Lanturn
  • Ground: Quagsire
  • Psychic: Slowking
  • Rock: Carracosta
  • Ice: Walrein
  • Bug: Surskit
  • Dragon: Kingdra
  • Ghost: Jellicent
  • Dark: Sharpedo
  • Steel: Empoleon
  • Fairy: Azumarill


  • Normal: Pidgeot
  • Fire: Charizard
  • Fighting: Hawlucha
  • Water: Swanna
  • Grass: Tropius
  • Poison: Crobat
  • Electric: Emolga
  • Ground: Gliscor
  • Psychic: Sigilyph
  • Rock: Aerodactyl
  • Ice: Delibird
  • Bug: Butterfree
  • Dragon: Dragonite
  • Ghost: Drifblim
  • Dark: Honchkrow
  • Steel: Skarmory
  • Fairy: Togekiss

So what makes Flying different from Water? For some of the Pokemon, Water was either the primary type or the secondary type of the Pokemon. Quagsire, for example, was a primary Water and secondary Ground type, while Walrein was a primary Ice type and a secondary Water type. But for each of the Pokemon that I put for Flying, they all have one commonality: Flying was the secondary type. That’s right: for all dual-typed Flying types have had Flying as their secondary type. That was the case until Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokemon, and its evolution, Noivern, were released. These Pokemon are the same types, but what makes them different from every single other dual-typed Flying types is that Flying is their primary type. Their secondary type is Dragon. That’s cool, but should you get one?

I don’t like Dragon types, but if you’re going to get one, get a different one. Since it has a double weakness to Ice, it may be a burden to your team. A Goodra or a Haxorus would be better. They can be useful in the overworld due to their ability Frisk, however.

If you were going to make your own Flying type Pokemon, what would its typing be and what would it based on?

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