Pokemon X and Y: Zygarde

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y only have about four different legendaries you can get per game. One of those is either Xerneas or Yveltal. You can also get one of the legendary birds based on which starter you chose (Articuno if you chose Chespin, Zapdos for Fennekin, and Moltres for Froakie) and Mewtwo, along with either its Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y based on which version you got. The fourth legendary is a Pokemon named Zygarde, the Order Pokemon. As I said in my previous post, this Pokemon is based on the serpent in Nordic mythology that grew so large that it was able to wrap itself around the world and bite its own tail. It continually does this to keep the world from ending. The fact that Zygarde has a serpentine body and is known as the Order Pokemon would point to the fact that it is based on that serpent. If you’re still skeptical, read its Pokedex entry:

“It’s hypothesized that it’s monitoring those who destroy the ecosystem from deep in the cave where it lives.”

This Pokemon lives inside the Terminus Cave on Route 18. From there, it can monitor all the people who are ruining the environment.

This Pokemon is available in both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. There’s no reason you shouldn’t get it. Let me tell you more about it.

Zygarde is a Dragon/Ground type and has the unique ability Aura Break. This ability is only useful when dealing with Xerneas or Yveltal, as the only effect that it has it reversing the effects of Fairy Aura and Dark Aura. Instead of increasing the damage dealt by Fairy or Dark moves, it decreases it.

We have gotten some news about Zygarde. The forme you find in the game is known as its 50% forme. However, it has a 10% and a 100% forme as well. These formes will be available in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. I’m not exactly sure how these will play into the story or if they even will.

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