Pokemon Sun and Moon News (Part 10)

We have just gotten much news about Pokemon Sun and Moon. First, let me talk about three new Pokemon that were revealed.

Type: Null, the Synthetic Pokemon, is a pure Normal type Pokemon (Yes, that is its name). It can have the ability Battle Armor. There’s not much to be said about this Pokemon, and it does not seem terribly useful, but whatever.

Jangmo-o, the Scaly Pokemon, is a pure Dragon type Pokemon (Again, yes, that is its name). It can have the ability Bulletproof or Soundproof. This actually makes it the first Pokemon to have Bulletproof as a regular ability, since Chespin, Quilladin, and Chesnaught could have it as a hidden ability. This Pokemon seems like it could be useful, but we already have two other Dragon types revealed. This one is a pure Dragon type, though.

UB-01 is an Ultra Beast Pokemon. That’s all we know about it. We don’t know its species, typing, moves, or anything else about it.

Second, we learned about a new Alolan form. It’s Raticate, and it has the same typing and abilities as Alolan Rattata.

Third, we learned about the Aether Foundation. Lusamine is the President, Faba is the Branch Chief, and Wicke is the Assistant Branch Chief. The Aether Foundation serves to protect Pokemon, mainly from Team Skull. Speaking of Team Skull, we also learned they have an Enforcer named Gladion. In the trailer, we actually saw him and some goons trying to take a Slowpoke and sell it.

For those of you who played Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, you know who Sina and Dexio are. Well, they’re in Alola, and they give you an item known as the Zygarde Cube, which allows you to store Zygarde cells and cores.

For those of you who played Pokemon Snap, you can now do that again. The Poke Finder is a camera that allows you to take pictures of Pokemon.

Finally, one big difference between Pokemon Sun and Moon is that they are set twelve hours apart. Like in Pokemon Gold and Silver, this actually affects some events. We were shown in the trailer that if you fight a certain individual in the daytime, you will have to fight a Gumshoos. If you do it at night, though, you will fight an Alolan Raticate.

What do you think of UB-01?

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