Pokemon Sun and Moon: Ryuki

One of the new features in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is defending your title at the Elite Four. After you beat the Elite Four the first time around, you can battle them again. Hala, Olivia, Acerola, and Kahili will all have the same Pokemon, but they will be stronger. However, you may not have to battle Kukui for the title of the Alola champion. There are 9 other possible challengers, one of which is a Dragon type specialist named Ryuki. The obvious choice may be to use a Fairy type, but his Garchomp knows Poison Jab. And don’t think the solution is to use a Steel/Fairy type, because it still knows Earthquake. Using an Ice type might be better, but he also has a Turtonator. But a Dragon type, although dangerous, would be good because none of his Pokemon resist Dragon type moves. But there are several Dragon types in Alola. Which one would be best?

Don’t get me wrong, Dragon types have their benefit, with the main one being that it resists many types. However, many Dragon types have double weaknesses, and the Fairy type just made them even less useful. Although some of the new Dragon types are cool, both Kommo-o and Guzzlord have a double weakness to Fairy. In fact, at least one of his Pokemon have a move that is either least super effective or doubly effective against all the Dragon types in Alola. But your best choice for a Dragon type arguably would be one that does not have a double weakness. Here’s a list of the Dragon types without double weaknesses:

  • Goodra
  • Turtonator (Sun exclusive)
  • Drampa (Moon exclusive)
  • Kommo-o (None of Ryuki’s Pokemon know any Fairy type moves, fortunately)
  • Guzzlord

The good thing about Ryuki is that two of his Pokemon (Garchomp and Dragonite) are doubly weak to Ice and another (Kommo-o) is doubly weak to Fairy. As long as you have Pokemon of those types, you should be good. That would just leave his Drampa and Turtonator, and the best Pokemon to use against those two is arguably Kommo-o.

What’s your new favorite Dragon type Pokemon?

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