Kartana, the Drawn Sword Pokemon, is one of the seven known Ultra Beasts. Like the others, it has the Beast Boost ability. As for Kartana, its best stat is its Attack, which is 181. This makes it the third highest in the game, right behind Mega Heracross and Mega Mewtwo X. However, its Special Defense is incredibly low, being even lower than Blitzle’s. Although Kartana has a 109 base Speed, it can be taken out by a fast Fire type user like Talonflame and Salazzle, who both have higher base Speeds than Kartana. It doesn’t have any good coverage moves against Fire types, so unless you have a high enough attack and a non-Grass or non-Steel type move, you would be better off switching out. As for benefits, being a Grass and Steel type means it can almost always destroy a Water, Rock, Ground, Ice or Fairy type. Other Pokemon that don’t resist those types can also be destroyed pretty easily if your attack has been raised. However, Kartana also does not deal well with Steel types, even though it can learn Fighting type moves. This would make the arguably best Pokemon to counter Kartana to be Heatran, as it doubly resists both Grass and Steel type moves and has a 106 base Defense.

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