Marowak vs Alolan Marowak

Cubone, the Lonely Pokemon, is a Pokemon introduced into Gen 1. It is a pure Ground type, and stays that way when it evolves into Marowak, the Bone Keeper Pokemon. However, Sun and Moon introduced an Alolan form for Marowak, giving it a Ghost/Fire typing. This makes Cubone the only Pokemon to completely change types upon evolving. However, Ghost/Fire is not a unique typing, as the Litwick line all have that typing. Which form of Marowak is better for Sun and Moon?

Both Marowak forms have the same stats; the only differences are the movesets, typings, and some of the abilities. Both Marowak can have Lightningrod as a regular ability. For Alolan Marowak, its hidden ability is Rock Head, whereas for Marowak, that is its other regular ability. Marowak’s hidden ability is Battle Armor, whereas Alolan Marowak’s other regular ability is Cursed Body. So between the two, the only difference in abilities is Battle Armor and Cursed Body. Battle Armor prevents critical hits and Cursed Body has a 30% chance of disabling the opponent’s move when they use it on you.

The earliest you can get Cubone is at Wela Volcano Park, which is on Akala Island. Against Olivia, Marowak would do well against Olivia, whereas as Alolan Marowak would fall flat. Not only would Marowak’s Ground typing give it resistance against Rock moves, it would also make its Ground moves more powerful against her Rock types, which are already weak to Ground. Alolan Marowak’s Fire typing makes it weak to Rock, plus Rock resists Fire. Marowak gets 2 points, plus another 2 points for Olivia as an Elite Four.

Against Nanu, Alolan Marowak would have a bit of a tough time. Marowak wouldn’t do much better, but at least it isn’t weak to Dark. Marowak gets 1 point.

Against Hapu, Alolan Marowak wouldn’t do too well either. Marowak, again, would not excel either, but it isn’t weak to Ground. Marowak gets 1 point.

Against Hala, Alolan Marowak’s Ghost typing gives it immunity to Fighting moves. Although Marowak could do just as well offensively, Alolan Marowak would do better defensively. Alolan Marowak gets 1 point.

Against Kahili, Marowak might not do too well. Flying types are immune to Ground moves, so all of its STAB moves would be useless. Although it can learn Smack Down, which would remove their immunity to Ground, Alolan Marowak could just use its regular moves. Alolan Marowak gets 1 point.

Against Acerola, both forms would have some disadvantages. Although Alolan Marowak is a Ghost type, making its STAB moves strong against all of her Pokemon, all of her Ghost moves would be super effective against it. Because of its slow speed, it would only be suitable for some of her slower Pokemon, namely Dhelmise and maybe Palossand. Marowak would not be weak to the Ghost moves, but she does have a Drifblim, which is immune to Ground, a Dhelmise, which is a Grass type, and Froslass, which is an Ice type. Neither form gets a point.

So if you add up the numbers, it seems like Marowak would have been better for Sun and Moon than Alolan Marowak.


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