Sun and Moon vs Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: What are the differences?

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out on Friday, and I think it’s time that I explain the differences between them and Sun and Moon:

  1. Four new Pokemon. They are all Ultra Beasts. Stakataka is a Rock/Steel type, and is an exclusive to Ultra Moon. Blacephalon is a Fire/Ghost type, and is an exclusive to Ultra Sun. Poipole is a Poison type, and it evolves into Nagandel when it knows Dragon Pulse while leveling up.
  2. 100 previous generation Pokemon added to the Alola region, such as Dunsparce, Hawlucha, and Tropius.
  3. New Island Scan Pokemon. Kanto first stage starters, Hoenn second stage starters, and Kalos third stage starters are available.
  4. Slightly different story. Lusamine is still trying to use Cosmog in order to enter Ultra Space, but she is doing it to stop Necrozma instead of just spawning a bunch of Ultra Beasts over the region. Necrozma and Lunala/Solgaleo fight, but the latter loses. They are then forced to fuse. The Ultra Recon Squad gives you the means to enter Ultra Megalopolis, which is where you will face off against a Psychic/Dragon Necrozma with all its stats boosted.
  5. Ultra Space. Ultra Space is now fully explorable, with access to Nihilego, Buzzwole/Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Kartana/Celesteela and Guzzlord. Also access to 20 National Dex Pokemon such as Sigilyph, Stunfisk, and Audino. In addition, access to all legendaries from past generations minus Zygarde, which can be found in Resolution Cave. All Ultra Beasts and legendaries are not shiny-locked, except for Zygarde and the Tapus.
  6. Totem Stickers make your Pokemon totem sized. Affects Raticate/Gumshoos, Araquanid/Marowak, Salazzle/Lurantis, Togedemaru/Vikavolt, Mimikyu, and Kommo-o/Ribombee.
  7. Mantine Surf. Gives you a new minigame to test out your surfing skills. You can get points and redeem them for items.


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