Minecraft is a game where you build things and make whatever you want. There are two modes, classic mode and survival mode. Classic mode is where you can build whatever you want without problems, but you only got blocks. In survival mode, there’s a day and night cycle, each lasting about ten minutes. You have to get items and build a shelter to protect you from monsters that come out in the night, and there are also animals, food, and many more items which are being added every month or so. I personally like this game and many other people like it too. While this is a fun game, there are hazards caused by this game.

We all have a favorite game you like to play. You play it a lot, maybe like an hour or two a day, and that’s fine. But some games, like Minecraft, are addictive and can cause some people to play it for a whole day. If someone were to do this, they would be wasting a lot of hours of their lives doing something that is fun, but extremely pointless. The main reason of what makes a game addicting is the fact that is endless. My family has calculated how long it would take to go across the whole Minecraft world on survival mode without stopping.

The Minecraft world is eight times as big as the Earth’s surface. It takes one year to travel across the Earth by walking. So 1 x 8 is 8. It would take 8 years to travel across the Minecraft world without stopping.

This is completely insane. If you started playing Minecraft when you were 10 you would be 18 when you finish. Who wants to waste 8 years of their life to do something that is pointless?

Another thing about survival mode is that it costs money. That’s like asking someone  if they would pay money to waste time of your life. This is only survival mode, though. The classic mode is free, which is good. But in survival mode you have to start from scratch. You have no blocks or supplies you start out with. Now on classic mode, you have infinite amount of blocks. That’s right, infinite. On survival mode, you can only have 64 items in one stack. You have 36 slots in your inventory, which means that if you were to build something with the same kind of block, the most you could have in one go is 2304 blocks. Now that’s a lot, but infinite is just crazy. Now there is limited space on one map, and someone would probably cause a lot of lag if they were to make it bigger. Honestly I don’t know which is worse, infinite amount of limited space or limited amount on gigantic amount of space.

Now here are the statistics. 10,343,848 people have registered. To think that 10,343,848 people are wasting their time doing something that is pointless. You may think all games are pointless, but some games have hidden meanings, life lessons and some that teach you Spanish and new words. Minecraft doesn’t. You know what Minecraft’s lesson is? Build, survive, explore. Since when will we have to do this? Monsters don’t exist, we don’t have infinite amounts of items, and we probably will never get lost in some unknown world. Minecraft doesn’t teach you anything.

Now some people make things that are “amazing”, like art and buildings. If you can make art why don’t you pick up a paintbrush and paint? Or if you’re good at building why don’t you suggest your idea to someone instead of wasting your time? Some people have talents that are being used in the wrong places.  Overall, I think Minecraft is fun, but should be played moderately. Don’t play it all day, play it for an hour or two. If you’re good at something use it in the right place. If you like building and art and survival buy Minecraft or if you think it is a waste of money just play classic.

Who long do you play Minecraft and how often?

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