Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

Have you ever been flipping through your old games and found a game you haven’t played for several years? Well, yeah I did that. I was flipping through my games, looking for Sapphire and Emerald when I found FireRed and LeafGreen. I remembered how fun these games were and I wanted to play them again, so I started over my Leaf Green. These games were based off of Pokémon Red and Green. They used to be old fashion. Everything used to be one color. One place everything was yellow, another place everything was blue. There were only 150 Pokémon, but there were rumors that Mewtwo was created by another Pokémon, a Pokémon not easily found in this game. You had to do specific things to get it. And there was also missingno., who completely screwed your game if you caught it. You could also catch Pokémon above level 100, the max level. You could level them up but they’d become level 100 again. This was, of course, a glitch. Anyway, Gold, Silver, and Crystal came out, introducing colors. There wasn’t just one color in one place, there were many colors in one place. Yes, everything was normal now. No glitches, or, at least, none I’ve ever heard of. To show off what Nintendo could do with the colors, they made a slightly discolored variation for each Pokémon. These were known as shiny Pokémon. They were and still are extremely rare. You have a 1 in 8192 chance of finding one. There were no ways of making it easier for finding a shiny Pokémon. To find one, you just had to look around for one. Some people are extremely lucky and find a shiny Pokémon randomly. This is called a random shiny. I have found 2 random shiny Pokémon, male shiny Absol in Black, and female shiny Mightyena in Emerald. I traded over my shiny Mightyena to Platinum. I also have a female shiny Staraptor, but she was found as a shiny Staravia and I found it using the Pokeradar. The Pokeradar is an item exclusive to Sinnoh, it’s an item that makes it easier to find shiny Pokémon. So yeah, it’s a little cheap, but I found my first shiny Pokémon with it. Wow, I’ve been talking a lot and I haven’t even gotten to what I was going to talk about. Anyway, two of the first Pokémon games were remade.  They made Fire Red and Leaf Green, leaving out Blue and Yellow and remaking Red and Green. Anyway, there’s no difference between them except for the Pokémon you find. Also the Deoxys you find is different for both games. Yeah, this game is cool. It’s definitely better than the old games. I guess the best part about it is the addition of Pokémon from Johto, like Qwilfish and Sneasel. You can also now find shiny versions for each Kanto and Johto pokemon, which makes it cooler. Kanto pokemon where originally not shiny because the original games didn’t have different colors. So that’s pretty cool. I haven’t found any shiny pokemon on FireRed and LeafGreen, but when I do I hope it’s a good pokemon. If you don’t have this game you should go get it because you can’t find shiny Kanto pokemon normally. Also there are the Sevii Isles, a place you can’t get to from anywhere else. The Sevii Isles are seven islands with lots of things to do and lots of pokemon to catch. With all 150 Pokemon plus another 100 of the Johto pokemon to catch and the ability to transfer over Hoenn pokemon, this game is packed full of awesome. Go get FireRed and/or LeafGreen and join the fun!

Have you found a shiny Kanto pokemon?

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