Pokemon Emerald

The Hoenn Region was the third generation of Pokémon and had all new Pokémon. In the region, there were Pokémon from Kanto and Johto, like Horsea and Marill. There are three games taking place in the Hoenn Region, which are Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. These games are all different. The mascot Pokémon would appear in the Cave of Origin. In Ruby, you would find Groudon and in Sapphire, you would find Kyogre. They are both at level 45 and are powerful. While having this awesome Pokémon in this game, you cannot get the other Pokémon unless someone trades it over to you. In Emerald, that’s a different story. You can catch every single legendary Pokémon in Hoenn in Emerald. Well, all of them except for one. After you beat Ruby or Sapphire, the TV would say there’s a red or blue flying Pokémon wandering around Hoenn. It would be Red if you are playing Sapphire and would be Blue if you were playing Ruby. These Pokémon are Latias and Latios. They are both level 40 and wander around Hoenn. You didn’t have a choice of what Pokémon you were going to find in these games. But in Emerald, you do have a choice. Your mom asks you what color the Pokémon is. If you say red, Latias will be flying around. If you say blue Latios will be flying around. While you can’t get both unless someone trades the other one to you, you do have a choice. Anyway, I think Emerald is a good game because there’s just so much you can do. You can make a secret base, do contests, and best of all, go to the Battle Frontier. In Ruby and Sapphire, you could go to the Battle Tower, but in Emerald, there’s the Battle Tower and six more facilities at the Battle Frontier. There’s also two new Pokémon from Johto you can catch, which are Sudowoodo and Smeargle. Also in Emerald a new area in the Safari Zone opens up, and in this place you can catch Pokémon from Johto. You can also can the lost fossil from the Digger’s House on route 114, and you can also catch Ditto and Loudred there. There’s also a few quests you can do. There’s the Abandoned Ship quest, the S.S. Tidal quest, the Shoal Cave quest, the Mirage Island quest, the Trainer Hill quest, and the Battle with Steven quest. As you can see, there’s much to be done in Hoenn. If you don’t have this game I highly suggest you go get it.

Which Pokémon did you choose or had chosen, Latias or Latios?

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