Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team marked the end of an era as the last Pokémon GBA game. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue followed as the first Pokémon DS game. Red Rescue Team was a good start to the Mystery Dungeon series, that so far has eight games.

Red Rescue Team was a fun game.  I have found that most Pokémon fans like the story, the music, but not the after-game. In the beginning you wake up to find a talking Pokémon. You have lost your memory, but you remember you being a human and your name. You then go on missions saving Pokémon and go on exciting adventures, like venturing underground to fight Groudon, master of the land and teleporting into the sky to fight Rayquaza, master of the sky. The battles are exciting.

In the after-game, you conquer dungeons, recruit Pokémon, unlock doors, and evolve Pokémon. That was pretty much it, but this is one of the hardest Pokémon games to completely beat. Why is it so hard? Well, the last dungeon, Purity Forest, has a few restrictions. You have to be level 1 when you enter. All your items and money in your pack will be lost upon entering. And it’s 99 floors. So it’s next to impossible to complete this dungeon. But at the end of the dungeon you have the chance to recruit Celebi without fighting it. I’ve completed some of the 99 floor dungeons like Wish Cave and Silver Trench, but those weren’t that hard. My favorite part of Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team was finding Mew in the Buried Relic. That part of the game was fun.

If you have this game, how many floors did you complete? If you don’t have this game, go get it!

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