Shaun White Skateboarding

Shaun White skateboarding is a fun game to play if you like to do some awesome tricks, epic grinds, and more. I only got this game recently, and I’m almost halfway done with it, but I can tell this is a great game. The people in the game look real. They don’t have floating hands or circles for feet. They look like normal people. The game doesn’t really make sense at times. At one point, a guy says he’s going to lay down at an abandoned theme park until he shrivels up and dies and sometimes ramps will come out of nowhere. I think the game has a good storyline. The mayor of the town is boring and doesn’t like fun or excitement. So skateboarders come to the town to make it fun by completing challenges and transforming it with arrows on the ground. The best part of the game is this REALLY big hill that you can ride down and perform amazing tricks and grinds. You don’t even need to get that far in the game to unlock it. Anyway, it’s a fun game, if you don’t have it, you should get it and play one of the most awesome skateboarding games of your life!

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