Golden Sun: The Lost Age

You may not have heard of this game, since it’s not really popular and the most recent game came out in 2010, which was 7 seven years after Golden Sun: The Lost age came out. Anyway, this game, although it’s not very popular is a fun, exciting adventure, filled with puzzles, summons and monsters. This is the second game of the series. In the first game, Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia try to stop people from lighting the elemental lighthouses. Unfortunately, they failed to protect the Mercury and Venus lighthouses. In this game, you might think you are going to try to prevent the other two lighthouses from being lit, but really you are actually trying to light them. You see, Alchemy, which was infinite power, was locked away when the lighthouses were unlit. Without Alchemy, the world will become smaller and smaller until the world just becomes nothing. But with Alchemy, people might abuse it, and cause the world to die. One way you die, the other way you may not die. So the people who are trying to light the lighthouses are Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers. Eventually, you meet up with Isaac and his party, and you join forces with them for the final battle. The game has a twist ending, so you better get the game to see who you are going to face for the final battle!

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