Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon Black version and Pokemon White version were two interesting games. They introduced new type combinations, new Pokemon, new items, a new region, and many new features. It also introduced the differences and commonalities we all face. Some pursue the truth, while others pursue ideals. No one is wrong and no one is right. Past games have only introduced time, space, dimensions, land, sea, and sky, but this game has introduced something that is abstract instead of concrete. We all thought it was a great game until Pokemon Black 2 version and Pokemon White 2 version came out. This game was better. It had new features, new items, new places, and different forms for different Pokemon. Pokemon does not seem to stop, and I’m thankful for that. For each generation of Pokemon, there is a new generation of kids to play them. That’s right: The sixth generation of Pokemon has been revealed. Not much has been revealed, but we know there is a new region called the Kalos Region and there are three new starters of grass, fire and water called Chespin, the Shelled Chestnut Pokemon, Fennekin, the Fox Pokemon, and Froakie, the Bubble Frog Pokemon, respectively. A new eeveelution has been announced, but its type, classification, and ability have not been revealed yet. Either a new form of Mewtwo or a new Mewtwo-related Pokemon has been revealed. All we know is that it’s the Genetic Pokemon. Another four new Pokemon have been revealed. Pancham, the Naughty Pokemon, is a fighting type. Fletchling, the Japanese Robin Pokemon (Many people are now pairing it up with Crobat as Batman and Robin), is a Normal and Flying type, much like the Pidgey evolutionary line, the Hoothoot evolutionary line, the Taillow evolutionary line, the Starly evolutionary line, and the Pidove evolutionary line. This might be the new “Generic Bird” for the Kalos Region. In every region so far, a bike has been introduced so players can ride around faster. While it’s unclear if the bike is being used again in this game, one way a player can move around is riding a Pokemon named Gogoat, the Ride Pokemon. It’s a Grass type Pokemon that was introduced in an official video. Players were seen riding around on it, so it might be the new bike. Also, it might become a HM move or TM move, and possibly other Pokemon may be able to learn it as well. The last one revealed so far is the Generating Pokemon Helioptile. It is an Electric and Normal type, like how Bibarel is a Water and Normal type. This post will be updated whenever new updates are revealed.

Who’s your favorite starter Pokemon from this generation? Or, if you could have any starter from a previous generation be your starter, who would you choose?

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