Best Unova Team (Confirmed)

Hello everyone. As you may or may not know, I created a post talking about the best Unova team for Pokemon Black Version and/or Pokemon White Version. I was rather reluctant to start over my Black version, but I figured that I needed a Tornadus to complete the New Unova Pokedex on my White Version 2, so I traded all my important Pokemon to my White Version 2, started over, and decided that since I was a boy the last time, I’d be a girl this time. I always liked the name “Megan”, so I chose to be a girl named Megan on my Black Version. I realized my last team was flawed, so I changed a few things.

First of all, start with Tepig. He has a ton of HP and is good against Bianca, Burgh, Clay, Brycen, and Alder. He is also good against Cress, Lenora, and Grimsley when he evolves. Forget Throh because although he is a good fighting type, you already have one. I already made that mistake when I picked Tepig and caught a Riolu in my White Version 2. Instead, fill that spot with Pansage. I know he evolves with a Leaf Stone, but honestly, I didn’t evolve him until he reached level 43. He learns Crunch at that level and doesn’t learn anything afterwards. Although he isn’t good against any of the Elite Four, he helped me win my first gym battle against Cress. He also helped me beat Clay and Cheren. He’s not the best Pokemon on my team, but I soft reset my game many times just to get a perfect nature and characteristic for it. I’m the type of trainer who wants a Pokemon that has a nature so that his best stat is increased and his worst stat is decreased. Simisage’s best stat is speed and his worst stat is either defense or special defense. So a naive or hasty Simisage is best. He needed a characteristic for his speed, so I did that. I eventually got a naive Pansage who was impetuous and silly. On top of that, I got Pokerus on him from a Pokemon on Route 9 (whose identity is unknown). Today, my Simisage is one of the fastest Pokemon I’ve ever owned. You don’t have to soft reset for one, but it is recommended. For my third Pokemon, I would have had Sigilyph, and I ended up not using him because I wanted Pokemon as early as possible. So, instead, I got a Woobat. It was also a win because then I wouldn’t have to go around at the end of the game making my Woobat be friendlier to me. I got him at 13 and he evolved ten levels later. He helped me greatly during my fight with Marshal. Fighting moves do 1/2 damage towards poison, bug, flying, and psychic. Psychic and flying moves do 2x damage towards fighting types. It’s pretty obvious why I picked Woobat. But, if you don’t want one, there’s always Sigilyph. I didn’t try him, but he could be better. The thing is, he only has a 5% chance of appearing in the Desert Resort. You might be looking for a while. But, don’t let me stop you. My fourth Pokemon was different. I didn’t pick Archen to be on my team. Although he has amazing stats, he didn’t have exactly what I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I still picked the Plume fossil because Tirtuoga and Carracosta are just Omanyte and Omastar and Kabuto and Kabutops. Not to mention still weak to Electric and now has a 4x weakness to Grass. Only good thing about those Pokemon is that they have a double resistance to Fire. But, there aren’t any fire-type gyms in the Unova region besides Chili’s, and that’s only if you pick Snivy. Plus, you can’t even get Tirtuoga that early in the game. I could go on and on, but I have to tell you who I replaced him with. Tympole. I know that it’s ironic who I hated on Rock-Water and Water-Rock Pokemon, but Seismitoad is a beast. It has good HP and it’s fast. She was the sole reason I beat Elesa because her attacks did nothing. She also helped me beat Clay. It has a wide array of good attacks, too, like Drain Punch, Muddy Water, Acid, etc. I thought I would try her out, and I was not disappointed. My fifth Pokemon was, by far, the toughest Pokemon to train. Vanillite. She was absolutely horrible to train. The only ice move she knew when I got her was Avalanche, which was terrible. It took eight levels to get her to learn Ice Beam. It took me a while, but I got there eventually. I got it mostly for Drayden because he has dragon Pokemon and only ice and dragon (and now fairy) moves are good against it. Since using a dragon would be dangerous, I took it safe and used an ice type. It was pretty good. It’s ability, Ice Body, let her recover HP when it was hailing, and it could normally learn Hail. It learned other ice moves like Blizzard and Sheer Cold, too. Normally, I would have gotten a Cubchoo. I got one for my battle against Drayden and Iris on Pokemon White Version 2. It has a similar moveset and a similar ability, but instead, it has Snow Cloak, which raises evasiveness by 20% when it’s hailing. I’d say both are good Pokemon. There’s also Cryogonal, which is an ice type. It’s rare, though. Only 5% chance of finding one. It’s even worse in the Summer. Only 1% chance of finding one. It took me a while to find one. It might be a good Pokemon, though. Let me just say that my last Pokemon has a unique type combination, is completely resistant to Psychic, takes 1/4 damage from ghost type moves and dark type moves, didn’t evolve until after I beat the game, almost single-handedly defeated half the Elite Four, has a unique ability, and has a decent ability and a good moveset. Yep. It’s hard to believe all of this belongs to one Pokemon, but it does. Pawniard. It was on my original best Unova team roster, mainly because it’s one of the most awesome Pokemon to have on your team. If you ever do another journey through Unova, you have to get this Pokemon. Why? Well, I just told you why. It almost defeated half the elite four (Caitlin and Shauntal) without a flaw. It learns Slash and Night Slash, two high rate critical hit moves. It’s ability makes it so that if you lower any stat, its attack goes up by 2 stages. Even attack. If someone lowered your attack by one level, yours would go up by two (Although it would only really be one, if you do the math). If all of this seems too good to be true, you’re right. I’m not talking about how it evolves at level 52. No, there’s something worse. Like Superman, Pawniard and Bisharp are powerful. But also like Superman, they have a Kryptonite. Fighting type moves. They are Dark/Steel types. Fighting is super effective against both of those. Steel moves do 1/2 damage towards fighting types, and so do dark type moves. I didn’t use him at all during my fight with Marshal for a reason. Other than that, he’s amazing. Now go get yourself a Pawniard!

Anyway, I didn’t lose a single battle during my new Unova adventure. Actually, the first battle I had in my first playthrough of Black version, I lost my first battle. Bianca’s Tepig got a critical hit on me. Not this time, though. I only did a best team for Unova because you can only get Unova Pokemon before you beat the game. You can get them afterwards, but you can’t get them before. There are less choices, so it’s easier to pick.

In this text, I’ve talked about Pokerus and the Fairy type. I’ll be talking about them later.

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