The Fairly OddPokemon?

In the beginning, there were 15 types.


Creatures called Pokemon used these types. They were these types. Some were just one only, others were combinations of two of them. They used moves that were only one type. They were super effective or not very effective. Or they did regular damage. Some did 4x as much damage, some did 1/4 the damage. We thought that was it. We were wrong. Two new types were introduced.


The Pokemon named Magnemite and Magneton were originally just electric, but then they became electric/steel (No, I don’t know how that works). The Pokemon named Pawniard and Bisharp became dual types of these two types. Pokemon became combinations of the old and the new. Years passed, and no new types were introduced. But, in this year of 2013, we have discovered a new Pokemon. A new evolution of Eevee. An “Eeveelution”, if you will. Its type? Unknown at first. We discussed it. Most were wrong. The ones who said it was a new type were right. But no one guessed this new type. It is a new type.


This Pokemon, named Sylveon, would be lonely, except that not every Pokemon has been discovered in the new Kalos region. But, there are three Pokemon who were given Fairy as their secondary type. They’re not completely fairy, but they are half fairy.


It’s currently unknown if there are going to be more dual-fairy types or more pure-fairy types, but I can almost guarantee you there are going to be more.

Jigglypuff is now Normal/Fairy.
Marill is now Water/Fairy.
Gardevoir is now Psychic/Fairy.

Also, a new Pokemon called Flabébé is a pure fairy type so Sylveon won’t be lonely.

Two new moves are fairy type.

Fairy Wind.

Moonblast does damage can lower special attack.
Fairywind does damage.

Its only known that dragon types are weak to fairy type. Besides that, nothing else is new. This will be updated as news comes along.

That was the information about the fairy type given to you by me in my own special way.

Now, I like new types. Haven’t got a new one since Generation 2. That was more than ten years ago. But fairy? Seriously? It seems like they’ve run out of ideas. They wanted to bring something new, so they bring a new type. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new type. But I feel like they could have done better. I hope there’s sound and light types. That would get me even more interested. Anyway, I can’t tell you about how many people are thinking and talking about this. Having a new type, just one, can completely change an entire dream team of Pokemon, either including a fairy type or dual fairy type or getting a different Pokemon to account for a fairy type gym leader possibly. Trust me, when they released generation 2 and the two new types, Jasmine was the girl who represented the steel type. Karen of the Johto Elite Four uses the dark type. They do this to get you acquainted with the new type. Nobody uses the same specialty type as each other between Kanto and Johto. Even the Elite Four follows the same rules as the gym leaders (Except for Bruno, Scumbag…). There’s 15 types. There’s only 8 gyms. 15 does not go into 8 (Obviously..), so to get you more acquainted, they decided to not have the same type repeated. Possibly they held off these types so that they could get you more acquainted with the old ones while putting in new features. So, I can almost guarantee there’s going to be a Fairy type gym or elite four member or maybe even the champion. I’m not sure. It’d be more likely represented by a gym. So there’s been two Steel gym leaders: Jasmine and Byron. There’s also been a Steel champion: Steven. The funny thing is, Dark’s been around for four generations and there hasn’t been a single Dark type gym. It’s actually the only type that hasn’t been represented by a gym. But, to make up for it, there have been three elite four Dark type users: Karen, Sidney, and Grimsley. But, come on, there’s currently 39 Dark types. There SHOULD be a Dark type gym, but there isn’t. Maybe it’s supposed to be a joke. If it is, it’s actually kinda funny.

So yeah, there’s definitely going to be more news about FAIRY GODPOKEMON! No, seriously, if there’s more information revealed about fairy types or any new types, I’ll post it as soon as possible.

Update: Mawile is now Steel/Fairy type. A new Pokemon called Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy type. Two new version-exclusive Pokemon called Spritzee (Y) and Swirlix (X) are pure fairy types. Xerneas is revealed to be a fairy type.

What do you think of the Fairy type? Would you use one on your team? Who’s your favorite Fairy type Pokemon so far?

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