Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Peach

Peach, otherwise known as the Princess of Toadstools, makes her third appearance in the Smash Bros series. Nintendo placed her and one other princess in Smash Bros Melee so it would appeal more to girls. This is mainly because Samus was really the only female character in the original game. She is a strong, independent princess who don’t need no plumber. I will be analyzing her first set of special moves.

Her neutral special is Toad. It can deal anywhere from 2% to 18%, depending on how powerful the move the opponent used on her. You see, Toad is a counter attack, meaning that if she were to unleash this move just before an opponent attacks her, the attacker will take damage instead of Peach. However, it does not deal any damage if she uses it when nobody attacks her. Plus, the amount of time that Toad stays out is limited, so be sure to use it at the right moment for the best results. Also, don’t use this repeatedly, or your foe might catch on and have some sort of backup in case Peach uses Toad too often.

Her side special is Peach Bomber. It deals about 10% damage. It also propels Peach a good distance from left to right.

Her up special is Peach Parasol. It also deals about 10% damage, considering each part lands. This move allows Peach to fall slower when the parasol is opened. However, she cannot grab a ledge if she is facing the opposite direction and the parasol is open. To grab it, you must either be facing the ledge with the parasol open or either direction when the parasol is closed. The parasol can be opened and closed multiple times until she lands. The parasol will damage anyone who touches it while it is opened. Peach falls faster when the parasol is closed.

Her down special is Vegetable. Peach will pluck out a vegetable projectile. There are eight variations, each dealing different amounts of damage:

The Winking one will deal 6% damage, the Dot Eyes one will deal 12% damage, while the stitched face one will deal 30% damage. The other ones will only deal about 2% damage. You have about a 52 in 58 chance of picking up a 2%, a 4 in 58 chance of picking up the 6%, a 1 in 58 chance of picking up a 12%, and a 1 in 58 chance of picking up a 30%.

In addition to vegetables, Peach also has a rare chance of plucking something that isn’t a vegetable:

She has a 1 in 166 chance of plucking a Mr. Saturn, and a 1 in 250 chance of picking up a Bomb-Omb.

Mr. Saturn is an item that:

  • Can be damaged
  • Moves on its own if left on the ground
  • Can instantly break a shield in one shot, no matter how full the shield is

A Bomb-Onb is an item that:

  • Deals 25%
  • Instantly detonates a Blast Box
  • Can launch opponents
  • Moves on its own if left on the ground, but not after being picked up
  • Detonates after a set amount of time

Is Peach your favorite female character in Smash for Wii U?

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