Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Luigi

Luigi, otherwise known as “The Eternal Understudy”, has been on the roster since the original Smash Bros. He makes another appearance in Smash Bros for Wii U, as a more “risky” character than his brother, Mario. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves as well.

Luigi’s neutral special is Fireball, just like Mario’s. However, there are differences between the two attacks:

  • Mario’s fireballs lose power as they travel while Luigi’s do not.
  • Mario’s fireballs travel farther than Luigi’s.
  • Luigi’s fireballs travel in a straight line, while Mario’s are affected by gravity.

Luigi’s side special is the Green Missile. This move can be charged up and does not necessarily have to be used instantly, but if charged for too long, Luigi will stop charging. Uncharged, this move deals about 10% damage. Fully charged, this move will deal about 20% damage. This move also has a 10% chance of misfiring, causing Luigi to travel much farther and with more power, regardless of how long he had been charging this move for. A misfired Green Missile with deal about 25% damage.

Luigi’s up special is also the Super Jump Punch. However, just like their Fireballs, there are differences between these two’s Super Jump Punches:

  • Luigi’s Super Jump Punch will propel him more vertically than Mario.
  • Mario’s Super Jump Punch will propel him vertically and somewhat horizontally.
  • Luigi’s Super Jump Punch will only deal about 1% damage if used incorrectly. To deal more damage, initiate the attack once Luigi is right in front of the opponent. On the ground, this move will deal 25% damage, while only dealing about 20% in the air.

Luigi’s down special is the Luigi Cyclone. This move deals damage multiple times, dealing between 1% and 2% damage per hit, except for the last, while deals 3%.

Is Luigi better than his brother in this game?


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