Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Marth and Lucina

Marth, otherwise known as the Hero King, is making his third appearance in the Smash Bros series. He now has a doppelganger named Lucina. Lucina’s title is the Warrior from a Doomed Future. These two could not be more similar, as every single one of their attacks is the same. However, the main difference between the two is that Marth’s sword deals more damage at the tip while less damage at the base. Lucina’s sword deals about the same damage around. If you like taking risks, I would suggest picking Marth. If you don’t, Lucina might be a better character for you. I will be analyzing both characters in the same post, as their first set of special moves are the same.

Their neutral special is Shield Breaker. Fully charged, this move can break a full shield. Uncharged, for Marth, it will deal about 9% damage at the tip and 8% damage anywhere else. For Lucina, it will deal about 8% or 9% damage uncharged anywhere. Fully charged, for Marth, this move will deal about 24% damage at the tip and 22% damage anywhere else. For Lucina, it will deal about 23% damage fully charged anywhere.

Their side special is Dancing Blade. This move can deal multiple hits.

Their up special is Dolphin Slash. This move is useful for recovery.

Their down special is Counter. Any opponent who hits them while this move is in play will be dealt 1.2 times the damage the original move. It will always deal at least 8% damage.

Who do you like more: Marth or Lucina?

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