Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Palutena

Palutena, otherwise known as the Goddess of Light is a newcomer in the Smash series. After making a brief appearance in the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros Brawl, she is now a playable character. I’m not terribly familiar with the Kid Icarus series, but Palutena is like Pit’s mentor. I will be analyzing her first set of special moves.

Her neutral special is Autoreticle. This move locks on to an opponent if they’re close enough and shoots three shots that deal about 3% damage per hit. This move can be reflected, but I would not recommend it, as the shots will go off opposite the direction they are fired at. This will allow Palutena to follow up with a counterattack. I wouldn’t recommend pocketing this move either, as you will only get one of the three and take about 6% damage instead of 9% damage. It would be best to absorb it.

Her side special is Reflect. This attack spawns a shield that can deal 5% damage if it hits an opponent correctly. This move is better used for reflecting projectiles, however. Any projectile reflected will deal about 1.17 times the damage of the original move to an opponent it hits.

Her up special is Warp. This move deals no damage, and it’s mainly just used for recovery.

Her down special is Counter. Any attack that hits Palutena while this move is in play will be dealt 1.3 times the damage the original move to any opponent close enough. It will always deal at least 10% damage.

Fun fact: Palutena is the only character that has a reflector and a counter without custom moves.

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