Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is one of the classic Nintendo games. You would think this character is a duo, but it is actually a trio. Two of the characters can actually be seen, while the other character is actually you. The main idea of the game is to shoot down ducks. The duck is the first part of the trio. If you don’t shoot down the one or two ducks that come around, a dog will come out and laugh at you. The dog is the second part of the trio. The one who’s shooting the ducks is you. This character is the final part of the trio. There are five different versions of you that appear when you use your down special, but I’ll get to that. I will be analyzing their first set of special moves.

Their neutral special is Trick Shot. The can can be shot towards your foes. After getting shot enough times, the can will explode. It can also be attacked. If the can is left on its own for a while, the can will explode. You can be hit with the can as well. Getting hit with the can deals about 1%-4% damage. The explosion causes about 8% damage. The can can be pocketed.

Their side special is Clay Shooting. If the clay pigeon hits, it deals about 2% damage. The clay pigeon can be pocketed or reflected. If all three shots hit, it will deal about 10% damage.

Their up special is Duck Jump. This move deals no damage and is mainly used for recovery.

Their down special is Wild Gunman. There are five variations of this move, but each wild gunman will only go once before repeating. The cycle will be different and random each game.

The slowest gunman has the least knockback. He deals about 4% damage.

The second slowest gunman has the greatest range. He deals about 4% damage.

The middle fastest gunman has the best knockback. He deals about 7% damage.

The second fastest gunman deals about 5% damage.

The fastest gunman deals about 6% damage.

The gunman can be attacked. If they are, they will not be able to shoot.

Is Duck Hunt one of your mains?



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