Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Kirby

Kirby, otherwise known as the Pink Puffball, is currently the only character able to copy other character’s neutral special. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Inhale. If any opponent is close enough to you, you will inhale them. At this point, you can either copy their neutral special and deal 10% damage to that opponent or anyone close enough to you. You can also spit them out for 6% damage and hit anyone else. There are differences between their neutral specials and Kirby’s neutral specials, however.

  • Since Olimar/Alph has a neutral special that would be pretty much useless on its own. So Kirby’s neutral special after copying Olimar/Alph makes Kirby throw Pikmin in a specific order: Red, yellow, blue, white, and purple.
  • Kirby can use Blade Beam, but does not get Cloud’s Limit Gauge.
  • Kirby can use Straight Lunge, but does not get Little Mac’s power meter and thus cannot perform the KO uppercut.
  • Kirby can use Aura Sphere, but it does not get any many powerful the more damage Kirby takes, unlike how Lucario’s Aura Sphere gets more powerful the more damage he has.
  • After Kirby has used all of Robin’s tomes, he goes back to normal.
  • Kirby does not get to use Rosalina’s Luma besides using her neutral special.

If you don’t like your copy ability, you can taunt to remove it. If you do like your copy ability, make sure not to get hit. If you get hit hard enough or are KO’d, you will lose the ability. You can also steal another Kirby’s neutral special but inhaling them.

This move can also be used to inhale items certain projectiles. Inhaling explosives will hurt, but it can damage any opponent close enough to Kirby when he inhales them.

Note: King Dedede also has the inhale as his neutral special, but he cannot copy any neutral specials. Instead, his inhale has a longer range and deals more damage.

His side special is Hammer Flip. This move is able to deal massive amounts of damage. This move can be charged, and the charge can be held unless Kirby gets hit while charging. It’s important to notice that Kirby will take damage at full charge. This move is difficult to land, but it is able to KO at low percentages. It’s more powerful on the ground. It deals 15% damage uncharged in the air and 19% damage uncharged on the ground. It deals 27% damage fully charged in the air and 35% damage fully charged on the ground.

His up special is Final Cutter. This move is similar to Ike’s Aether, as it can only be used so many times to grab onto an edge before it fails. Rising, it deals about 5% damage. Dropping, it deals about 2% damage. Landing, it deals about 5% damage. The shockwave that occurs when Kirby lands deals about 6% damage, but can be pocketed, reflected, or absorbed. This move has a meteor smash effect when Kirby is dropping.

His down special is Stone. This move deals about 18% damage from hitting and 14% damage from the shockwave that occurs when Kirby lands. Kirby is nearly invincible while in Stone form, but he can be launched with a powerful enough move. He can also be grabbed, so don’t stay in this form for too long. This move can be cancelled midair.

Which Kirby hat do you like the best?

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