Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Metaknight

Have you ever met-a-knight?

Jokes aside, Metaknight is making his second appearance in the Smash series. In my opinion, Metaknight has to be one of the most mysterious characters in the Smash series. In the Kirby series, he has sometimes been an enemy, while others times, he has been an ally. He always wears a mask, so no one knows exactly what he looks like. However, one of the most common assumptions is that he is another Kirby. It was actually theorized in the game in one of Palutena’s Guidance conversations that Metaknight is just another Kirby. There is further evidence: Kirby’s eighth color in the game gives him a color scheme similar to Metaknight. He has yellow eyes and dark blue skin. Whatever the case may be, Metaknight is still a good character.

Metaknight, otherwise known as the Masked Swordsman, is no longer SS tier. I could go on and on about why Metaknight is “broken” in Brawl. In fact, I’ll even do that in my next post. I don’t really subscribe to tiers, but he has been made less broken. Not to say he’s not good, however, as he has an instant 2-hit combo (credit goes to TheSkuxxedOne). Using a dash attack, jumping, and using your up special will almost always kill at high enough percentages. But, I’ll get to that. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves. It’s important to note that using any special move used in the air will make Metaknight helpless. And no, he is not capable of gliding.

His neutral special is Mach Tornado. This move deals multiple hits, about 1% damage per, except for the last one, which deals about 3% damage.

His side special, Drill Rush, is similar in the fact that it deals the same amount of damage per except for the last one, which deals about 3% damage.

His up special is Shuttle Loop. The first hit deals about 9% damage if it was started on the ground or about 6% damage if it was started in the air. The second hit always deal about 6% damage.

His down special is Dimensional Cape. This move is a good way to dodge your opponents attacks while also dealing damage. It deals between 14% damage and 16% damage.


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