Why is Metaknight SS tier in Brawl?

Normally, I don’t talk about previous games, but the information here is useful for any person who wants to pick the best character based on certain factors. In my last post, I mentioned that Metaknight was SS tier in Brawl. This is the highest tier, meaning he was the best character. But why? Well, each character’s strengths and weaknesses can be broken down into several areas:

Power: how much each move deals

Strength: the knockback of the move

Weight: heavier characters are easier to pull combos on than lighter characters while being more difficult to launch than lighter characters

Recovery: how well this character can recover, both horizontally and vertically

Run speed: How fast a character can move on land

Air speed: How fast a character can move in the air

Attack speed: how fast an attack takes to start up and end

Throws: how well a character can grab, hit, and throw an opponent

Range: how far their moves and grabs reach

For each of these aspects, there is a winner for each. Only a few are obvious, however.

Bowser is the heaviest character.

Jigglypuff is the lightest character.

Sonic is the fastest on land.

These characters are notable, but these characters are low on the tier list: Sonic got a D and both Bowser and Jigglypuff got an F. Why? They aren’t balanced. Metaknight, however, is arguably the most balanced. Here’s a breakdown for these aspects as they pertain to Metaknight:

Metaknight is fast on both land and in the air, has much priority, range, has exemplary vertical and horizontal recovery (which deal damage as well) and has decent power and strength. One of his only weaknesses is that he is light, but that is also a strength. What else is good about Metaknight? He is difficult to edgeguard because of his up special, has many KO moves and six jumps.

Conclusion? Metaknight is definitely broken in Brawl.

But what about for Smash 4? That’s a bit more difficult, mainly because of updates and downloadable content. A proper tier list cannot be made because not all characters are final and not all characters are released. However, people believe Sheik is the best character in Smash 4. In Melee, Fox is agreed to be the best character.

Hopefully, using this information, you can find your best character.

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