Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Pikachu

If you ask someone to name a Pokemon, chances are they will name Pikachu. Probably the most well-known Pokemon, this cute yellow mouse has been in the Smash series since the original. Don’t think that just because this character is cute that it can’t KO you: it can use electric attacks. I will be analyzing its first set of special moves.

Its neutral special is Thunder Jolt. This move travels along the stage and can even travel off the edge. Any opponent hanging on the edge for too long can be hit with this. This move can be pocketed, reflected, or absorbed.

Its side special is Skull Bash. The charge cannot be held. The move fires instantly when it is fully charged. Uncharged, this move deals about 6% damage. Fully charged, this move can deal about 22% damage. This move can also be used for horizontal recovery.

Its up special is Quick Attack. This move’s main use is to recover vertically. It deals about 2% damage per warp but is difficult to land.

Its down special is Thunder. This move is good for protecting you from anyone trying to attack you from above.

Who’s your favorite Electric type Pokemon?

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