Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Falco

Falco, otherwise known as the Proud Space Ace, is making his third appearance in the Smash series. Falco is similar to Fox in many ways. In fact, all of their attacks are the same. However, they are different. I will be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Blaster. Falco’s gun does not shoot as quickly as Fox’s does, but it deals more damage and has more range. Plus, it makes the opponent flinch. Unlike Fox’s gun, this move is good for keeping your opponent at bay. Like Fox’s gun, this move can be pocketed, reflected, or absorbed. Something worth noting is that this move is fired more quickly in the air.

His side special is Falco Phantasm. Fox’s version of this move always sends opponents flying upwards. Falco’s, however, sends any opponent in the air straight down. This is good if someone tries to finish you off and they’re not expecting it. You can meteor smash them. It deals more damage if they’re on the ground, however. It deals about 7% damage on the ground and about 6% damage in the air.

His up special is Fire Bird. Pretty much the exact same as Fire Fox.

His down special is Reflector. Depending on how you like to use the reflector, Falco or Fox might be better for you. Falco’s reflector deals 3% more damage, but any projectile reflected will not be as powerful as when Fox does it, as it deals about 1.2 times the damage of the original move. It’s worth noting that this move can be used to trip people at low damages. That does not seem like a very good strategy, but you can use this to start a combo.

Are you hoping that Wolf gets put back in the game as a downloadable character?

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