Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Greninja

Greninja, otherwise known as the Master of Stealth, is a ninja…frog. Not kidding. This frog is fast, jumps high, and can use water attacks against you. What’s not to like about Greninja? I will be analyzing its first set of special moves.

Its neutral special is Water Shuriken. Yes, this Pokemon can literally create shurikens made out of water and throw them at you. This move can be charged but gets fired instantly after being fully charged. Fully charging does increase its power and size, as well as making it a multiple hitting move, but it loses speed and range the more it is charged. This is a versatile move because of how it can be used in certain situations. Wanna keep your opponents at bay? Use the uncharged version. Wanna send your opponent flying? Use the fully charged version. This move can be pocketed or reflected, so watch out for that.

Its side special is Shadow Sneak. This move is a trickster. Your opponents won’t even see it coming in the heat of the match. Greninja will disappear and reappear and hit anyone close enough to it. If he appears in front of the opponent, the kick will deal 10% damage. If he appears in back of the opponent, the kick will deal 12% damage.

Its up special is Hydro Pump. Good for recovery, but not for damaging. It is, however, good for pushing opponents around, similar to Mario’s FLUDD. Each shot will deal 2% damage but can be pocketed or reflected.

Its down special is Substitute. This move is a counter and deals between 11% damage and 14% damage.

Do you think Greninja was the best Pokemon newcomer? If not, who would you have chosen?

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