Super Smash Bros for Wii U: R.O.B.

R.O.B. is the name of one of the characters in Smash 4. It is an acronym that stands for Robotic Operating Buddy. He is known as the Last of his Kind (This robot has a gender…?). This is referring to the fact that he is the last Robotic Operating Buddy. This is not his first appearance. He appeared in the previous game, where he was originally one of the main antagonists. He was known as the Ancient Minister, and he was the one planting and detonating Subspace Bombs, which were bombs that sent the surrounding area into Subspace. Unfortunately, for the bombs to be detonated, two Robotic Operating Buddies had to stick their arms into the machine and stay there. They literally had to sacrifice themselves for the bombs to detonate. Didn’t think you could feel sorry for a robot, could you? Almost all of the Robotic Operating Buddies could have their minds(?) controlled by a switch of a button that Ganondorf, another main antagonist, had in his possession. There was a point in the story where the Robotic Operating Buddies were told to detonate several Subspace Bombs. The Ancient Minister, however, had felt responsible for his friends being in Subspace. So he tries to prevent any more of his friends detonating the bombs. Ganondorf controls the other Robotic Operating Buddies, sending some to attack the Ancient Minister, and sending the rest to detonate the bombs. This is when R.O.B. joins your team. The bombs were unfortunately detonated, and all but one Robotic Operating Buddy is left. I’ll be analyzing his first set of special moves.

His neutral special is Robo Beam. This move has three stages. In the first stage, this move can deal damage, but only to opponents directly in front of you. If you somehow manage to land this attack, it will deal about 7%. The second stage does less damage, but it travels farther. It deals about between 4% damage and 5% damage. This stage can be absorbed or reflected, as well as the next stage. The next stage deals about 10% damage. You always start the match at the second stage.

His side special is Arm Rotor. This move deals multiple hits, but is also a reflector.

His up special is Robo Burner. This move deals no damage but gives him a lot of vertical and horizontal recovery. However, the fuel is limited. You have to stay on the ground for it to refill. Staying on the ledge won’t work.

His down special is Gyro. This move can be charged and the charge can be held until you get KO’d. The more it is charged, the more damage it deals. But this is only because this item can be picked up and thrown at others. Opponents can also pick it up and throw it at you to deal damage, but they can still be damaged by it if they touch it. If they pocket or reflect it, however, they can touch it without taking damage. Plus, if you touch it, you’ll be damaged.

Is R.O.B. one of your favorite characters? Why or why not?

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