Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Olimar/Alph

Olimar is back again for another installment of the Smash series. Debuting in Brawl, his ability to pluck up to six Pikmin with various powers made him a tough opponent. In this game, he can only have three. He has a different variation where you can play as Alph instead. Before I break down their first set of special moves, let me tell you about the five different types of Pikmin:

  • Red Pikmin are strongest in the air. They deal fire damage and are immune to fire moves such as Bowser’s Flame Breath or Charizard’s Flamethrower. They can instantly detonate a Blast Box.
  • Yellow Pikmin have the largest hitbox. They deal electric damage and are immune to electric moves such as Pikachu’s Thunder Jolt or Ness’s PK Thunder.
  • Blue Pikmin have the most health. They are the only Pikmin capable of swimming.
  • White Pikmin have the most speed and reach. They are weak in attacks and health, however.
  • Purple Pikmin have the most health and power. However, they are slow and have small reach.

Their neutral special is Pikmin Pluck. Pikmin can be defeated. Olimar/Alph is almost useless without their Pikmin. They will pluck a red one, a yellow one, and a blue one at the beginning of the match. The next one that is pulled out is a white, then a purple, then the process repeats itself. It can only be used on the ground and deals no damage.

Their side special is Pikmin Throw. This move does nothing without any Pikmin nearby. Olimar/Alph throws a Pikmin. Red, yellow, blue, and white Pikmin will latch onto the opponent and deal damage. Purple Pikmin will not latch on but still deal damage. This move can be pocketed or reflected.

Their up special is Winged Pikmin. This move deals no damage and is only for recovery.

Their down special is Pikmin Order. This calls back any stray Pikmin.

Which Pikmin is your favorite?

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