Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit is a game that was released a few years ago for the Wii. It used the Wii Balance Board and encouraged people to burn calories while also having fun. In the game, there was a trainer that would help you do Yoga or Strength exercises. You could choose between a male or a female. Those trainers are in this game. I will be analyzing his/her first set of special moves.

His/her neutral special is Sun Salutation. This move can be charged and the charge can be held until you get KO’d. Uncharged, it deals about 5% damage. Fully charged, it deals about 18% damage. This move also heals you by 2% every time you use it at full charge. This move can be pocketed, absorbed, or reflected, however.

His/her side special is Header. The soccer ball the trainer hits can be pocketed or reflected. Only one soccer ball can be in play at a time. If you try to use this move while a soccer ball is already in play, you will headbutt the air. The headbutt can actually meteor smash the opponent. You can also cancel the move as a feint.

His/her up special is Super Hoop. Anyone hit with the hula hoops will be dealt 5% damage. Holding the button will make you recover for longer.

His/her down special is Deep Breathing. It deals no damage. This move leaves you vulnerable, but it will increase your chances of knocking out the opponent. It heals you by 2% and increases your attack power by 30%.

What’s your favorite Wii Fit activity?

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