Super Smash Bros for Wii U: DLC Character-Mewtwo

Smash 4 has introduced a new mechanic that was not present in the last game: downloadable content. They introduced seven new characters: some of them were veterans, some of them were third party characters, and some of them were Nintendo characters. The first one is my favorite character in the entire game: Mewtwo. I will talk about that later in this post. It was in Melee, but not in Brawl. I will be analyzing its only set of special moves.

(Note: DLC characters only have one set of special moves.)

Its neutral special is Shadow Ball. This move is a projectile and can be pocketed, reflected or absorbed. This move can be charged and the charge can be held until the move is used or Mewtwo is knocked out. Uncharged, it deals about 2% or 3% damage. Fully charged, it can deal about 25% damage.

Its side special is Confusion. This move deals about 9% damage and can reflect projectiles at 1.4 times the damage of the original projectile.

Its up special is Teleport. This deals no damage and is good for recovery or dodging attacks.

Its down special is Disable. This move deals 1% damage, but if your opponent is looking at you, it will make them dizzy. This move is better to use at low percentages because dizziness lasts a shorter amount of time at higher percentages.

Why do I like Mewtwo so much? Watch this video and you’ll learn why:

Credit goes to Cornealiuz.

Yes, that’s right. If you unleash a fully charged Shadow Ball, someone reflects it (15 characters have reflecting moves, by the way), and then you reflect it back with Confusion, you will probably get an instant 0% kill. If not, you will still rack up much damage on your opponent.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Mewtwo is not THE BEST character. It’s just my favorite. In fact, many people do not like to use it. It is ranked around 29th on the tier list, probably because it is the second lightest character in the game (…what?). The only character lighter than it is Jigglypuff. Either way, I like it.

By the way, I should also mention my least favorite character: Olimar/Alph. He is light and relies way too much on his Pikmin, who are not very strong or have good range. He can only have a maximum of three Pikmin out, and they are always pulled out in the same order, so opponents can more easily defeat him knowing that information. When he gets knocked out, you lose precious invincibility frames by having to pull out your Pikmin. His Pikmin can be defeated easily, and they can be reflected. He does have some good qualities, like his grabs are good and is good for racking up damage on opponents. But, I can’t seem to get the hang of him.

Who is your favorite character? If you don’t have one, who’s your least favorite character?

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