Super Smash Bros for Wii U: DLC Character-Lucas

Lucas, otherwise known as The Boy from Nowhere, is making his second appearance in the Smash series. He is the second DLC character, but he is a veteran, since he first appeared in Brawl. Since he and Ness are from the same series, it would make sense that they have a similar moveset. I will be analyzing Lucas’s only set of special moves.

His neutral special is PK Freeze. Ness’s neutral special is powerful, but Lucas’s is faster and can freeze opponent. Freeze lasts for more time if the opponent has more knockback on the initial hit, so using that on a high damage opponent trying to recover is a good finishing move. It can deal more damage if held for longer, ranging anywhere from 9% to 22% damage.

His side special is PK Fire. This is different Ness’s because it only hits one time and it does not shoot diagonally downwards when used in the air.

His up special is PK Thunder. This is also different from Ness’s because the head of the bolt will not stop even if it hits an opponent. It will if it hits anything else, however.

His down special is PSI Magnet. This is only used in front of him, so anyone using a projectile that will hit his back will not heal him.

Who do you like more: Lucas or Ness?

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