Pokemon X and Y: Chesnaught

A few weeks ago, I made a post talking about my favorite aspects of X and Y. I have been learning about the new Pokemon in those games. I don’t have time to talk about each individual Pokemon, so I’ll be talking about each of the final evolved forms of the new Pokemon families and briefly mentioning their pre-evolutions.

As with every main Pokemon installation, there is a new set of Grass, Fire, and Water type Pokemon. The Grass Pokemon is named Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokemon. When it reaches level 16, it evolves into Quilladin, the Spiny Armor Pokemon. When it gains 20 more levels, it evolves into Chesnaught, also the Spiny Armor Pokemon. It gains a Fighting type in addition to its Grass type, making it similar to Breloom. However, there are differences between the two. In fact, each of the new final evolutions in this generation have a signature move. Chesnaught’s move is called Spiky Shield. This move is similar to Protect or Detect since it will prevent any attack damage, but it will cause some damage if a Pokemon uses a direct contact move such as Tackle or Scratch. This move was its signature move, but Cacturne and Maractus are now able to learn those moves as well. Cacturne can learn it at level 32, while Maractus knows it as an egg move. This makes sense because these two Pokemon are based off cacti, which are rather spiky plants. In a way, Chesnaught is a combination of Maractus and Breloom.

Something that is currently still unique about this family is their hidden ability, Bulletproof. This move protects them from ball-based, bomb-based, and cannon-based attacks. Here’s a list of those moves:

  • Acid Spray
  • Aura Sphere
  • Barrage
  • Bullet Seed
  • Egg Bomb
  • Electro Ball
  • Energy Ball
  • Focus Blast
  • Gyro Ball
  • Ice Ball
  • Magnet Bomb
  • Mist Ball
  • Mud Bomb
  • Octazooka
  • Rock Wrecker
  • Searing Shot
  • Seed Bomb
  • Shadow Ball
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Weather Ball
  • Zap Cannon

These are some of the good qualities that Chesnaught has, but it has some weaknesses. The main one is its typing. Since it is Grass/Fighting, it is doubly weak to Flying type attacks. It can learn moves such as Rollout from leveling up and Smack Down, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, and Rock Slide from TMs, but it is rather slow. It can outspeed Pokemon such as Farfetch’d and Tropius, but it is still slow. However, it does have the highest Defense of all non-legendary Fighting type Pokemon and fully evolved Starter Pokemon, which helps it against physical Flying type moves such as Wing Attack and Pluck.

Did you choose Chespin as your Starter Pokemon?


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