Pokemon X and Y: Delphox

The Fire type Starter Pokemon is the Fox Pokemon Fennekin. Its evolutions, Braixen and Delphox, are also the same species. Delphox is the second evolution, while Braixen is the first. Delphox gains a Psychic type in addition to its Fire type, making it even more effective against Chesnaught. In fact, all the final evolutions are like that. I’ll get to that in the next post.

Delphox is not that unique of a Pokemon. Its hidden ability, Magician, is shared by Klefki. It has the same typing as Victini and Darmanitan (Zen Mode). It had a signature move known as Mystical Fire, which would lower the opponent’s special attack by one stage if possible. However, Mismagius became able to learn this move in ORAS. However, that’s not to say Delphox isn’t a good Pokemon. For one thing, it has the highest special attack of all fully evolved Starter Pokemon. This allows you to make Delphox a sweeper. The best nature for this Pokemon in my opinion would be Modest, as it would raise its special attack and lower its attack. The reason I chose attack as the weakened stat is because it has the lowest attack of all fully evolved Starter Pokemon.

Did you choose Fennekin as your Starter Pokemon?

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