Pokemon X and Y: Talonflame

Fletchling, otherwise known as the Tiny Robin Pokemon, is the generic bird of this generation. The generic bird is found early on in the game, are part flying type, and usually have two evolutions. Pidgey was the generic bird in Generation 1. Then we had Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly, and Pidove. Hoothoot and Taillow only evolve once, but the rest, including Fletchling, evolve twice. All of these Pokemon have Normal as their other type. Fletchling does too, but when it evolves into Fletchinder, the Ember Pokemon, Fire replaces its normal type. At level 35, it evolves into Talonflame, the Scorching Pokemon. Is Talonflame a good Pokemon?

Talonflame has a terrible weakness: Rock. It is doubly weak to it. It can learn Steel Wing by level up, however. This Pokemon is the fastest Pokemon introduced in the sixth Generation, as well as the fastest Fire type Pokemon. Its ability can burn Pokemon if possible. Its hidden ability is unique to that family, and it makes Flying type moves have a higher priority than normal. That is a good strategy if your Talonflame has raises its Attack and/or Special Attack. With a Substitute, you could sweep the opponent’s entire team. However, it may not work if your opponent has a Pokemon like Aggron or Bastiodon. For those, you might want to use Fire type attacks.

Fun Fact: I hear Fletchling and Zubat are good friends. I don’t know why…

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