Pokemon X and Y: Vivillon

Scatterbug, otherwise known as the Scatterdust Pokemon, is the generic bug of this generation. In each generation, there are generic Bug type Pokemon. They are found early on in the game, evolve rather quickly, and evolve either one or two times. Some generations have two. Caterpie and Weedle were the bugs in Generation 1. Then there were Ledyba and Spinarak, then Wurmple, then Kricketot, then Sewaddle, and now we have Scatterbug. This Pokemon is more similar to Caterpie, Weedle, and Wurmple, as its first evolution is a sort of cocoon and can not learn much. Afterwards, though, it becomes a butterfly, bee, or moth. Spewpa is the cocoon, and Vivillon is what comes out of the cocoon. This Pokemon has 20 different patterns. The one you get depends on what your game’s location is set to. How good is Vivillon?

Vivillon also is doubly weak to Rock. However, its ability Compound Eyes can allow you to land more certain attacks easier. Sleep Powder, for example, will hit much more often, which is a good tactic to use if you want to use Substitute and then Quiver Dance.

Which Vivillon pattern is your favorite?


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