Pokemon X and Y: Furfrou

Furfrou, otherwise known as the Poodle Pokemon, is the first non-evolution Pokemon released in Generation 6. What I mean by this is that this Pokemon has no evolution nor pre-evolution; it’s just it’s own Pokemon. If you wanted to give your Pokemon a little more pizzazz, you can actually do that with Furfrou. If you go to the Friseur Furfrou, you can give your Furfrou a haircut. You can give it a Star, Diamond, Kabuki, Heart, Pharaoh, La Reine, Matron, Dandy, or Debutante trim. It costs 500 PokeDollars for a trim. This trim will last for five days or until it is deposited into the PC. This is nice and all, but how is this Pokemon good competitively?

That depends on who you are fighting. Furfrou is a Normal type Pokemon, so it’s weak to Fighting. However, it’s unique ability Fur Coat halves damage taken from physical moves (this also affects Psyshock, Psystrike, and Secret Sword). So, it acts as though if it’s Defense is twice what it normally is. It has a base Defense of 60, so normally, it will be like having a base Defense of 120. This is good for its typing, since most Fighting moves are physical. However, special fighting moves like Focus Blast and Aura Sphere will deal normal damage. It does have a 90 base Special Defense, but that’s still not that much. Should you get this Pokemon? I’m not too big of a pure Normal type Pokemon fan, but I’m rather indifferent towards them. They can have a wide variety of moves, making them useful, but the fact that they do not get STAB from any of them can be enough to discourage me from getting one. If you want one, you can go ahead and get one.

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