Pokemon X and Y: Pangoro

Pancham, the Playful Pokemon, is a Fighting type Pokemon who evolves into Pangoro, the Daunting Pokemon, with some unique conditions. First of all, Pancham must be at least level 32. Not only that, but you must have a Dark type Pokemon in your party. There are a variety of Dark type Pokemon available in Kalos.  The earliest one you can catch is a Scraggy from a horde available on the same route that you can find Pancham on. However, if you picked Froakie, you might as well wait until it’s a Greninja. If you don’t want to go horde hunting, then you can also catch an Absol or an Inkay on Route 8. It does not have to be purely Dark; it just has to be at least part Dark. It can be its primary or secondary type; it doesn’t matter. There are other interesting evolution requirements, but I will get to those later. When Pancham becomes a Pangoro, it will also gain a Dark type. This is an interesting typing, as it makes it completely immune to Psychic type moves under normal circumstances. Fighting is not very effective against Psychic and is actually weak against it as well, so this Pokemon gets an upper hand against Psychic types. If you did not pick Froakie, it might be a good idea to catch a Pancham. You can use a Pangoro against Olympia, the seventh gym leader, as she uses Psychic type Pokemon. Although she does use a Sigilyph, who can learn Miracle Eye, hers does not know it (Miracle Eye removes a Dark type Pokemon’s immunity to Psychic, so it would make Pangoro weak to Psychic attacks). Although it is a good Pokemon, there is one gym leader you should not use it against.

Although Pangoro being a Dark type makes it immune to Psychic type attacks under normal circumstances, it also becomes doubly weak to Fairy types. This was not a problem in Generation 5, because the Fairy type had not existed yet. That being said, Scrafty was a more respectable Pokemon, as it was only weak to Fighting and Flying. Now, it and its pre-evolution are also doubly weak to Fairy, and are terrible against Hawlucha. However, Pangoro is still respectable. Its Iron Fist ability gives it punching more more power than normal. It cannot use all punching moves, but it can use:

  • Comet Punch
  • Drain Punch
  • Fire Punch
  • Focus Punch
  • Hammer Arm
  • Ice Punch (good for flying types)
  • Power-up Punch
  • Sky Uppercut
  • Thunder Punch (also good for flying types)

Its other ability, Mold Breaker, can be useful sometimes, but I believe Iron Fist is more useful. Scrappy, its hidden ability, can also be useful, but only when you are fighting a Pokemon like Sableye or Spiritomb.

Do you have a Pangoro? If so, what Dark type did you have in your party when you evolved your Pancham?

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