Pokemon X and Y: Aegislash

Honedge, otherwise known as the Sword Pokemon, would have been much more useful had it been released last generation. It’s a Steel/Ghost type, meaning Dark and Ghost would only be regularly effective. It would also be immune to Fighting type moves under most circumstances. Its only weaknesses would be Fire and Ground. However, in Generation 6, Steel no longer resists Ghost or Dark, meaning Honedge is now not only weak to Fire and Ground, but Dark and Ghost as well. Don’t worry, that does not mean you should not get one. It’s immune to Normal, Fighting, and Poison type moves, which makes it useful. No other Pokemon has this type combination besides its evolution. When Honedge gets to level 35 (Please bear in mind that the highest level a Honedge can be found in the wild at is level 12), it will evolve into Doublade. At this point, you can evolve it into Aegislash at any time if you have a Dusk Stone. But should you?

Honedge and Doublade can be useful Pokemon, but they can also be a burden to your team. If you were to get a Honedge in the wild, it would take you at least 23 levels to evolve it. Doublade cannot be found in the wild, unfortunately, so that’s the only way to get one. This Pokemon doesn’t learn that many useful moves learning up. The first move it gets STAB from, Shadow Sneak is learned at level 20. It may be a fast move, but it’s not that powerful. However, if you can deal with this, it can be a good Pokemon. Its No Guard ability makes every single move land without fail as long as it affects the Pokemon. Few Pokemon have this ability, which makes a Pokemon useful if it does have it. However, this ability has a catch: Every single move will land on any Pokemon who has this ability as long as it affects. Honedge has no double weaknesses and it is immune to several types, making this a good Pokemon to give it to. It might be best to have a Honedge with a Relaxed ability, seeing as its Defense is its best stat and Speed is its worth. This makes it so that even if a physical move lands on Honedge, it will not do as much damage if it had a lower Defense. Shadow Sneak might be a good move to use if you get a Relaxed Honedge, because then the Speed does not matter as much. You would just have to watch out for Normal type Pokemon.

Aegislash is a unique Pokemon. It’s not because of its typing; it’s because of its ability, Stance Change. When Aegislash is first thrown out into battle, it will be in its Shield Form. This form has a high Defense and Special Defense but low Attack and Special Attack. Using any attack move will make Aegislash change into its Blade Form. With this form, the stats of the Defense and Special Defense swap with the stats of the Attack and Special Attack. You can swap back by using King’s Shield. This move makes any contact move used on Aegislash deal no damage and instead drops the attacker’s Attack stat drop two stages. It does protect against non-contact moves, but it will not have the same effect as if it was a contact move. Swapping between these two forms can make you a difficult Pokemon to defeat, but you have to predict when it is best to change forms. Otherwise, you can be a pushover. Since this is one of the first Steel or Ghost type Pokemon you can get in the wild, I would suggest getting one.

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