Pokemon X and Y: Malamar

Inkay, the Revolving Pokemon, is a Pokemon that has a unique method of evolving. Not only does it have to be level 30, your 3DS or 2DS has to be turned upside down for it to work. Inkay’s evolution would be impossible in the past games, as the 3DS and 2DS are the first handheld Nintendo consoles to have a gyroscope in them. When Inkay evolves, it becomes Malamar, the Overturning Pokemon. This is nice and all, but should you get an Inkay?

I would say yes. It is one of the first Dark type Pokemon you can catch, and that may be useful for Olympia. However, it is also a Psychic type, making it doubly weak to Bug types. This is not too big of a deal, as Inkay can be found after Viola’s gym. This double weakness is really its only downside. Both of its regular abilities can be useful on the field as well as in battle. Suction Cups is mainly for the field, as it almost guarantees a Pokemon to bite your rod. It can be used competitively if one of your opponent’s Pokemon knows Whirlwind or Roar, but Inkay’s other regular ability is more for battle. Contrary is not an exclusive ability, but Inkay and its evolution are the only Pokemon that can have this ability as a regular one. Other Pokemon like Shuckle and Spinda can only have this as their hidden ability. Contrary makes stat lowering and stat raising have opposite effects. For instance, if Malamar were to use Superpower, its attack and defense would raise one stage instead of being lowered one stage. However, using Calm Mind would lower your special attack and special defense one stage instead of being raised one stage. You can use a move called Topsy Turvy to make all stat lowering and stat raising have opposite effects. If your Malamar has Contrary, that reverts the effects of stat lowering and effects of stat raising back to normal but reverses them for your opponent (as long as they do not have Contrary). If your Malamar does not have Contrary, it reverses the effects of stat lowering and stat raising for both you and your opponent (again, as long as they don’t have Contrary). Confused yet? Its hidden ability is Infiltrator, which can be useful against Pokemon who use Substitute.

Do you like Malamar? Why or why not?

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